Rotten Apples Interview Questions (December 2011)

It took my 19 questions to get a half an hour of press. With jazz musicians, I get an hour with ten… This interview got published in all about Jazz in January 2012:


Rotten Apples Questions

  1. Let me start by asking you all who you are, where you each came from, and how you came together as a group.
  1. What made you realize that you clicked as a unit?
  1. Or DO you click as a unit?
  1. Tell us something about the development of your audience, and the role audience plays in your work.
  1. Your music seems to have the feel of being “stable in its instability.” What went on in the early years towards developing your sound?
  1. What has kept you together?
  1. Having fun and partying with the people listening to you is part of who you are as a band. How does interface with your fans affect your music?
  1. Tell us some stories of surprising or meaningful encounters with fans along the way.
  1. What makes keeping this band together rewarding for all of you?
  1. How do you deal with influence? Do The Rotten Apples have any?
  1. What types of music do each of you like?
  1. Is their anything you try to keep out of your music?
  1. How much control do you have over what you do, and how much do you leave to chance or accident? Do you tune your guitars?
  1. What do you think of labels and genres? Can The Rotten Apples fit under one? Will you let them?
  1. How serious are you?
  1. How does setting affect your music? Where do you like to play?
  1. How do your lives relate to your playing?
  1. Do you have a five-year plan or growth trajectory?
  1. Can anything destroy this band?