Littlefoot – BUFU Fest – Cambridge Elks Lodge – May 2

Erica Sutherland

The name of the band is cute, if you just know that; but if you remember Lowell George, it means much more. Lowell George led the ’70s band Little Feat. Little Feat, well, were the most daring stoner Americana band of their time. “Time Loves a Hero” is their song, “only time will tell…” As I write this, Littlefoot is starting to play. Several minutes will tell what this allusion is.

Yes, the music is timeless. Dreamy voice with Euro undertones. Now it has a western twang, almost like dreamboat singer of last generation Chris Isaacs (“But I Want to Fall in Love”). They move fast… You can just forget you’re even in the Lodge, and, well, it’s midnight at the oasis.