Sophia Marshall – Bye Bye (Independent, 2017)

Sophia Marshall has quickly become one of my favorite singers around, with a folk-country-rock sound that is magical, sporting touches of wild bluegrass. She has a mind for heavy lyrics, and her blueberry-wine voice makes me think of some American country singer: deep, mellifluous, and lyrical and hard, like sparkling diamonds.

A Leicestershire, England native, you would hardly know she was English, even less so than The Rolling Stones, because she has so much mastered the American country folk rock sound, with touches of Rolling Stones rock, and even some Beatles, subtly and strategically placed here and there to round out the beginning and endings of songs.

She could fit easily into the new contemporary country field, but her sound is at once more original and classically imbued with the past. She would fit easily with a category of Maria Muldaur and Linda Ronstadt. She is also a fine guitarist, with a sweet honey strum. She is bound to rise higher, as a new superstar, as the stars rise at night over a Nashville, Tennessee sky.



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