THE FLASH notes on the Boston scene Gordon

THE FLASH notes on the Boston scene

Gordon Marshall

volume 1

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Arvid Noe

Discovery Zone, June 15

liquid metal

Punk but it’s got a classic acid feel drums like a rolling train like Lightning Bolt after smoking some good dope haze of cloud smoke U2 style guitar shimmers like Boz Boorer in Morrissey’s Billy Budd trance pulse

Ethan Parcell

Weirdo Records, June 17

five songs about power lines


Cowboy on the corral with his cowboy music he is the lineman for the county and he’s bopping on the drums as the eerie mood music plays two against three on the littlest cymbal in the world very peaceful makes me feel like dreaming of the prairie where the prairie dogs roll with the tumbleweed on the road chill pulse bloops on Casio foot pounding mallet on Samsonite suitcase


I saw a pet pig in The Fens a small animal let off leash circling his owner and looking up for approval segueing to alto clarinet overblows deep tones to sea sounds or barrels rolling in an alley hard to tell I’d say barrels in a steel warehouse industrial sounds electronic beep clarinet honk mellow Eric Dolphy liquid and sweet like Steve Norton smooth pattern intervals and ripe plum sounds against the sea national anthem tones and fire alarm buzz harmonics getting deeper and sweeter again


Old radio shack style cassette player nice piano music in the background pulls out brushes to brush butter on the chicken nice electronic floogling synthetic violin-like sound work on the kit with the cozy crazy gift shop music and the psychy foghorn out of sync with the brushwork choppy and childlike getting defter and surprising with syncopation a la Monk shimmering electric guitar vibes and the push me pull you of the traps like Rhys Chatham or the privet on Cape Cod

Tsons of Tsunami

Discovery Zone, June 18

sour tsunami

Wipeout the guitar a sour tsunami, squiching flashing wowing bending catching a wave a groove chicka-chicka chopsticks western obbligato ringing buzz changing jangle stop catching nails on the architectural facade

Ethan banging drums like Indian tom toms surf punk rockabilly in high gear

Slow surf Hawaiian luau loa round neck naked dark honey breasts dancing in straw skirts and the bashing guitar at the bash round the fire at the beach and the bluesy beat on drums lazy bass nasty screech and cool groove shimmering echo church chords diabolical

Skipping stones across the river the beat goes on the hop skip and jump the round robin in circles beating against the feeder and the windowpane

Surf’s back, bitch, and it’s happening with a beat bounding around the ground and the guitar is all over the place up and down hanging ten Dick Dale over hill Dale Evans on horse in the valley shooting her gun

Simon’s superstar bow and rawhide riff goes down to cowboy town slow single low notes plucked Arion on bass turns to the wall like he’s leading the cows home at sundown and Simon is the setting sun ablaze on the horizon

Crazy frenetic acid The Beach Boys never did this it’s Thai stick tie one on the beaming notes interspersed with their shadows turning to shining chords

Tiger Hatchery (Chicago)

Discovery Zone, June 18

extra sensory perception

Cool trio of drums sax guitar flutter on tenor and honk heavy dull thuds on drums guitar sketching traceries abstract pastels casual but tense they do their own thing saxist zens out in space guitar harmonics roiling tension tranquilized like an animal with a needle struts and pecks on sax miming drum pecks strangely serene makes me think of girls and slow hum with rattle of drum lots of tense stuff on drums using sticks as mutes bending the sound of the heads scritchy scratching on sax nice harmonic blend of three instruments tails like a blazing comet with sax

This issue is dedicated to Mark Johnson, who gave me the idea


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