Arkm Foam Foam… advancing and receding on the shoreline.

Arkm Foam


Foam… advancing and receding on the shoreline. It’s where the sea breaks free of its wateriness, and becomes part of the atmosphere. It’s where Adam Kohl draws the human element out of his sound, whether the funky, industrial chaos of Bang Bros, his duo with Mark Johnson, or the psychedelic romance of Peace, Loving he does with his fiancée, Kate Lee. He can test the threshold of intensity, in his wheelbarrow/bass clarinet project Farmhands, or be surprisingly funny, with his bass guitar loops and blips when he joins Nick Williams’s Cave Bears.


Yes, Foam is everywhere, flipping the State on its head, turning it into the music of the great Woodstock festival late last summer: all kinds of disparate music somehow reconnected back to his dream of music as sheer expression, the expression of an evolving spirit. “Will is strong enough to change the world”, he believes. And it’s what his music offers, each performance a special exhibit of his powerful vision, in its various stages of ferment. Sometimes it’s a brew delightfully seasoned with hops, sometimes it’s green and astringent, showing you the angst that is at the base of all his creation, his blithe disposition notwithstanding. And it’s always about foam,  mounting in the glass under the tap, to be passed around. His new LP is The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far from the Shore (Hot Releases).


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