Long Blonde Wig

Weirdo Records, July 8
Black Creatures

Flash of lights in the streets in the summer rain ambulance blinking reds it’s geometric like Mondrian and the music inside starts before I’m there a blaze of haze a children’s toy and a boom box Don angling for photos he’s part of the music and the blast enlarges the two children giving it an even keel everyone transfixed the sound gives them peace it’s not what I feel I feel edgy it makes me think of artillery and tanks but the voices are out of left field and the tanks are icons on a computer game and the people look so peaceful tall slim gent with beard and Atlanta hat is one with the action typing on his phone the little girls in green and tie-dye shirts engaged in quiet communication the best way to predict the future is to create it in white on a black shirt now the music stabilizes with notes you can count it’s collective creation of a future shots and engines and model T motors bird tweets getting tranqil as the dew flecked branches of an early morning now the sound is strafed getting wacky bounces rebounds ricochets echoes of babyish voices crunches and grinding winding down the rain ends wipers stop and you can hear the steady engine hum and the confabulation of voices again clinical as a hearing test but as comforting random warning signals dying in their own effusion and now the barbaric notes of swamp beasts black creatures


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