Ryan Power (Burlington)

Roggies, July 12
Mood Swing Music

This is a good ride bouncy you can feel the jolt of the cobblestones and the flutes and the pipes and the whistles then a wavy rock straight out of the seventies say ’76 and people are wearing mood rings the drums are rubbery

Vivacious vervy beat straw cymbal click wavering voice far away over field The Raspberries you will rise far away

Nice slow funk soul feel but it’s more like am echoing ringo beat the vocals very low it feels good the swirl of the seventies it’s a Hawaiian hotel so hot and mellow

Just want to let my mind wander in the arching trees by the river as the river boat rolls down chugging under steam with the star struck clouds in the sky the bass is spacy

Hard prog rock progressions like an organ driven chorus the haze of the crowds in the cattails

Radical mood swing music like a blanket of cobalt black a black bar of soap


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