Mod Gun’s Day at the Beach

Kathleen is the sexy singer for Mod Gun, with beautiful brown eyes, and she’s tall, so she sticks out like a slender ring finger onstage, playing bass. And Paul gave her the diamond ring. He’s the leader, songwriter, and lead guitarist. They are a band of pleasant personalities, but they have punch.


They draw much from the sixties, like Cream and Hendrix, but what this stuff really brings me back to his the heyday of the club kids, the golden age of alternative, the early nineties, with traces of suicidal Nine Inch Nails, a mean slash of Nirvana, goofy sucker punches from Pavement. And I know kids don’t think U2 is cool these days, but I love them, and Paul’s got a fuzz guitar just like The Edge.


Their new album is called No Beaches, but it may as well be called “No Bitches”, cause these guys take no prisoners when they commandeer the small stages of the local club scene.


Trevor rules with his fuck-you-up drums, and second guitarist Jon sings too, and is as reliable as hell, like a good man at the helm on a boat on the sea. I can see these guys now, out by Boston Light in the Harbor, coursing up to their home in North Redding; or is that inland? Not anymore, these guys just flooded the coast.


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