John Connolly Speaks at Deep Thoughts JP

As a candidate concerned with education,  John Connolly takes an interest in the city’s music students, and the world they inhabit as part of Boston’s music scene. Yesterday, at record store Deep Thoughts JP in Jamaica Plain, he demonstrated his sympathy for them, and knowledge in this area.

Connolly didn’t waste a single word when he introduced himself to the sparse though attentive crowd in the store yesterday afternoon. He presented his three-pronged approach to improving the local economy cogently, with a concern for jobs, neighborhoods and education and how each relates to the other symbiotically.

He approached the house scene point blank. First off, he recognizes how crucial it is to create a friendly environment for young musicians to play, so they will stay here and help create a healthy local artistic culture. “I don’t want Boston to be New York City North”, he promised.

Proposing the idea of creating an arts council with participants drawn from the community itself, he demonstrated his sincere interest in the kind of people he would be dealing with in his careful listening, addressing questioners concerns in detail, without straying from topic.

Connolly wants to know the musicians, and to know about what they know. He understands the forces that drove the music underground. He wants to make the music more of a part of the community, creating a healthy environment and economy through an arts program that is sensitive to mutual needs.


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