LSDV, Psycho Soldiers

Smokey Bear’s Cave, August 31

I’ve never quite understood it, and duo partner Joe Mygan is to humble to say more than it’s a lot of fun, but LSDV (Language Sex Drugs Violence), with Pat Chaney, spits sound out on the same tape as video, onscreen into the Smokey Bear’s Cave basement wall. The two man levers at a desk like fighter pilots, and tonight’s show had a military theme, with camouflaged foot soldiers sharing space with adult film actresses. Indeed, there’s your sex and violence! Here are some notes:

Battlefield blitz the psycho soldiers slide in camouflage through the jungle the sound says here I am the sound stays and does its thing tire track x’s like gatorade logos ice storm making your stomach turn like the wheel on a Porsche through sovereign fields confusion of tv looks like a woman getting her pussy licked I’ve seen that before probably this afternoon people waving hands purple shadows grand organ warps 


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