Cult & Leper, Crank Sturgeon, LSDV -Smokey’s Bar, September 14



Wild Stars

The shirt the bassist wears prism breaking light on the others drum and piano switch the beat goes on a prog seance from the seventies with incandescent light show wild stars don’t fuck your sister stop I know where you were the sneaky bass crawling like a gecko up the wall of the start of the song searing grand spacey keyboard like a saucer with a flat Cale sings like California autistic intervals queer like Gary Neumann nasty La Peste vocals marquee act at The Rat in ’77 

Bass Patrick Kuehn
Drums Jeff Balter
Guitar Sam Lisabeth
Skeleton Circus Player

Crank’s got a raw appeal skeleton circus player playing thumbtacks on a book of French lyrics a common apple polished and small with shades of green on white speckled red 

He’s Sui generis a genuius of his own realm his poetry is excruciating  like Frank Zappa baked over a can of Sterno

But weird words coalesce rhythms accrue so new you can’t see through it like Howl when it came out he’s in the slam mode but he takes it much deeper

Floozy Funky Music
Asian child speaking floozy funky music psycho yodeling Maurice Gibb at the mic Bee Gees in slo-mo color TV sets on the fritz couples making out in underwear young tough in leather beating up woman in bra video arcade beeping morphing into echo fat guy who looks a little like Paul McCartney sixties convertible couple traffic and explosions old disco scene from seventies sound in infinite regress of flack and fuzz flowers in jungle woman fucked from behind they said acid would help me forget my problems


I don’t want gold
I’m just sick of being
Alone, so I go out
Tonight, throw

The stone a couple
Miles up the road,
Out west to Lower
Allston, ‘cross

The t-pike, Cult & Leper
And Crank, the crazy sturgeon
With black caviar
In her soul

Rocking in a chair
Like old granddad
Sipping on a bottle of the stuff
Out on the porch of Smokey’s


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