Rotten Apples, Video Nasties (Portland), Goat of Arms – Deep Thoughts JP, December 13



Ryan Really

Rotten Apples

Ryan shiny as a golden delicious in satin shirt the sound is rough and tumble but tight as right gold and silver punk I’m gonna take you for a good thing



Video Nasties

Nasty as Ilie Nastase from the seventies space rock punk two kids between the Mustangs in the garage Deep Purple overtones as in Highway Star bullet hole guitar solo echoing in the desert canyon now it’s got fuzz and there’s a spiral of sound bouncing forth wild like a hula hoop a girl wears glow in the dark strange percussion and it ends




Goat of Arms

Accordionist dramatic like something out of Oliver the street urchin chased across the rooftops grand and Russian now a stealthy march the drums like sexual psychedelic baby rattles now like new wave from the seventies The B52s bopping across the stage yet they stay still

Now it’s like speed metal amber metallic chords and ends abruptly next one is dusky and medieval a chant in the catacombs the skulls peeking at us as we walk through the dirt then Ivanna is like a bass drum player for the marching band
There is a story behind this it slipped by me this is what I imagine Brazilian rain forest music then fluid as a space opera now Ivanna sings like gold leaf maple syrup right off the trunk

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