Mark Alban Lotz – Solo Flutes (2014 Loplop Records)


Mark Alban Lotz brightened my Sunday morning. With a cultured Dutch daffiness, he explores zoological and anthropological motifs on his Solo Flutes. His name checks are on target, and funky: Rahsaan, Makeba, even Coltrane (“Whole Steps”?). He’s a cool European in so many ways, but he wraps his heart round the world. He uses everything from piccolo to PVC contrabass flute, and he gets maximum out of range and dynamics, evoking village natives, or deep sea whales. So many solo records can be austere, or just plain pretty. Lotz fleshes out his work, with harmonics, and sometimes voice, for a one man trio. It’s sweet, deep, and humorous.


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