TIg Bitty, NE Patriots, Take Out Order – Deep Thoughts JP – June 22


Tig Bitty

This is curvy music, stretching from seventies’ disco classic Chic’s “Le Freak”, to nineties alt hoppers Luscious Jackson. “Who’s a bad bitch?” they say, to twisty, Eastern sounding beats. Then more talk “about our pussies.” Theses are raunchy bitches, “Bang my pussy, bang my pussy, bam!” Almost too much to take, but it’s good.


NE Patriots

They’re a cross between Joy Division and Talking Heads. Eerie, metallic guitar monotones, awkward, jerky syncopation. The singer, Cory, forays into the crowd, right into me, as I’m typing. The kids wave and roll, to the shocks of rhythm. These guys can take you through the seventies punk clubs, grainy, black and white snapshots of CBGBs and The Rat. Then they go for avant noise, dusting a dissonant chord over an insistent drum beat. They’re good sound explorers, too, with fire alarm psychedelic tone spirals.


Take Out Order

Andy Brown, aka Bazooka Joe, aka Charlie Brown, aka DJ Mental, takes it easy tonight with his Skimask replica, Take Out Order. With his sideways baseball cap, he looks like a cross between Method Man and ODB. The music is wild, with titles like “Creature Double Feature”, about meeting your mate. Andy’s got a reptilian roar which is repulsive at first, but grows on you like the sticky tongue of a chameleon, with which he consumes his audience, which he has in the palm of his hand, like a superstar.


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