Los Condenados – Deep Thoughts – July 26

Pensado Deep Thoughts
Three personalities, that change within themselves, within the performance… Chris Strunk, the drummer, is the new member. Walter Wright is not here tonight. Andrea Pensado plays a witchy, screaming computer based music. Jules Vasylenko plays a bamboo sax, and bursts out alternately with burlesque and drama. Strunk plays a thudding, slow motion machine gun rock drums. The music goes into raw emotional turf, which is not unpleasant. It influences thought, the jolts and buzzes putting the brain into a music of its own. It is intellectual music, but it’s not about analyzing the structure. There is structure, but it’s very clear – simple, elegant modern architecture.

Vasylenko’s bamboo sax really sounds like bamboo. It’s amazing. It has the feel of shoots and sap. It gives the show a kind of warped romantic quality, the vision of bamboo thickets in the East overlaying the industrial drums, and Pensado’s supernatural electrical storms.

There is nuance, pause, and subtlety here. For all its frenetic noise, they know how to use small doses of space, and what to leave out, with the art of and agile child spitting out watermelon seeds.


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