Ben Katzman and The JP Drive In


What does a Miami kid like Ben Katzman have to offer the Boston scene? The JP Drive In. Ben makes things happen. For me, The JP Drive In has been the most exciting house scene over the past couple of years. The Drive In is the youngest scene, and kids come in with fire. Ben is only 22, but he is a prime mover. He’s got energy and flair. And he has ideas.

“I think the best way to contribute to a scene is be the best you can be,” he says. “Do you the hardest. The best way to make a difference is to add something to the table. Just be you and do you what you love.” Bands come and go, but the good ones always make a splash, because of people like Katzman.

Katzman’s aesthetic is simple. He loves Kiss, a supergroup perpetually creating a spectacle, but fun and never taking themselves too seriously. Would he book them for a show? “You know I’ve been holding a judge against Gene since I was 13. I sent Gene Simmons an invitation to my Bar Mitzvah back in the day. I probably should have asked Peter Criss instead.”


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