Vayda Girl: New Cut to a Classic Cloth – Headbands

Jess & Audrey

When I met Jess Cooper, at North End Yoga, she had a rack with her Vayda Girl headbands for sale. I wanted to buy one, so I asked her to pick. She chose one with trippy African tribal pattern overtones. It was wild, with the activity of a Jackson Pollock mural, softened by a dream.

What always floors me is the indisputable cachet of earthy chic. Jess and business co-owner Audrey’s choices are tempting, with names like Star Struck, or Bubble Butt, showing the bold aesthetic of the new fashion enterprise. There is a whole new world to explore at, but here are:

Some of my favorites

Harvest is the fall debut, and it is the most beautiful, with rust and turquoise panels alternating filled with leaf and flower.

Sasha is the sexiest, with leopard pattern and plush purple background, sensuous and mildly exotic.

Blades is another brand new one, blades in crossing vertical and horizontal patterns, in moody blues and turquoise over black.

Persian, with its dark, oriental fauna, is a classic. It will make anyone a princess.


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