Saga Genesis – Bleu Cheese – TT the Bears, September 27


Conrad Benjamin

The time is before just now the paradise dream the weary band on heavy acid no one gets to sleep and the road rolls on and the dreams get cloudy it’s raining down here in the bar the wild wily coyote alone

He doesn’t really pray just a little when he’s dreaming when the drum rolls like a dream in the haystack city 1973 was the year but I remember ’94 Plush sexy Sarah Reitkopf in leather hot pants long blond curly hair shouting whispers in my ear

Guitar like rolling surf off Maui banging it up in the hell house on the hidden streets of Manhattan banging and bumping and ringing in my ears it’s what I eat it’s the IRS it’s Conrad Benjamin in Cale Israel’s ear like a fire engine siren in the sleepy city in heavy overdrive Balter on drums rollicking and rising I guess it’s a party and it’s only a paper moon but it’s flat like a pancake on the sudden death earth where the night crawlers swirl in the soil and the liquids boil the ichor the sap and the water thick with insects it’s just like old times when I came hear twenty years ago got drunk on beer crushed cigarettes on the hardwood floor

Saga Genesis

Saga Genesis

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