Advaeta – Gin & Tonic



Amanda (Advaeta)

Advaeta have been around for two and a half years, and this is their third show in Boston. The three artists have known each other for five years. That must have been some incubation period, as the group already has a superstar sound that puts them out of most bands’ Leagues.
The guitarists are Sara and and Amanda. Sara has strawberry blond hair. It wraps around her face like a fox stole when she plays. Amanda is a shoe gazer brunette, with the entrancing mystery of Lush’s Miki Berenyi, though she is petite and lithe and delicate.
Lani is the drummer. She casts a fishnet of rhythms around the guitars. She tells me psych is a staple of their diet, maybe the mainstay. Lani has a hippy appeal stepped up with her flowing red hair.


Some of their stuff reminds me of Simple Minds, the propulsive beats and grand harmonies, but this is glam goth metal, an erotically aggressive onslaught of tenderness from a trio of New York women.


Ginny Benson does an awesome job of visuals, with light shows the caliber of Pink Floyd. The tone is understated and flashy. Everything is under control.

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