Deep Thoughts JP – My Birthday Show

Nick Williams is organizing a birthday show for me at Deep Thoughts JP on October 14. It will be headlined by Peter Negroponte and me, a drums/poetry duo, Junkies from Hell.
The meeting will be impromptu, so expect anything. I will be reading from my new, 25 book, My Body Silent, poems about music, nature, the city, and women. Peter is drummer/leader for Guerilla Toss.
Also playing will be Birdogan, from Lowell, a dirty psych/noise outfit fronted by Dei Xhrist, who cuts the trippy tone like a knife with her glittery, eerie pop voice. Steve Norton will do a contra alto clarinet avant-jazz solo, and Duck That, who started out as a duck call trio, finish with their divine balance of comic and serious.

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