Guerilla Toss – 24-Karat Propellers





Kassie pushes me out of the way to dance she’s scary like a Charley doll Afrofunk rhythms from Ian’s synth and Arian’s guitar it’s trippy like a mushroom forest hypnotic ticks of a pocket watch on a gold chain 18 karats 24 tops
Trash Bag
 Kassie squeezing her screechy screams waves of fire engine sirens Negroponte attacking the drum heads with a hatchet metallic clang like U2 Daddy’s Gonna  Pay for Your Crashed Car
Gay Disco
 Kassie has a shiny back it glistens in pink light driving bass and drum beat a forty foot rubber band flung at the audience moshing like the ’90s as Kassie knocks Arian off his stool and the beat rolls and drives kids dancing and waving their hair in the air Kassie lost in the crowd she never comes back
Twisting guitar like a band of plastic coated electrical wires Chemical Brothers Elektrobank pulsation to Simon soap box shouting in black top hat the bass is an out of control propeller

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