Acidosis – Hanging From a Rope – Midway Cafe, October 12


Acidosis is a disease in my veins electric guitar strings cause me pains deep in my bloody gut there are songs to sing and then I hear the telephone ring God on the line I tell him to climb a pine Katzman thinks he’s God maybe he is just give me another gin fizz

This one’s about Star Wars he says but I don’t see him wearing a fez just a black tank top then they stop

Fucked up fun on bass does the guy think this is a race just one look at his face his mustache all over the place and the guitarist with long hair the size of a bear are any of them queer you’ll find out if you give them a beer and the strings sound good to the end of the neighborhood shiny warm and rich man this is a bitch now the rhythm is chugging what product line are they plugging must be a line of dope ’cause they’re hanging from a rope

Punk rock thrashers they eat bacon and rashers they have rashes on their skin that look like Ho Chi Min chicka chicka string line with a wiry finish fine like Chardonnay and I just say hey I’m having a good time on top of that I rhyme

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