Aykroyd – We Can Feel the Warm Energy – Midway, October 12



Dan sounds like U2 on guitar kind of arena spacey with Minutemen blurs on Kaplan’s axe like a photo out of focus this song’s called I Was and it sounds like Guerilla Toss with a punk beat Nick Neuberg’s good on drums with a rubber tree beat Something Happened is next a beat with a hex weird and eerie with a gin cocktail bass the drums just pump the fuel through the engine which wheels and whirs

Now they got funk and machine gun attack the girls are bobbing their heads heads roll it’s a good sound lots of chugging and bubbling unexpected beats and bombs scratch effects gun powder and small explosives
Animals this one’s got a classic groovy R & B feel it’s like dancing in the gym with your girlfriend lethargic energy gets lysergic the band keeps bopping we can feel the warm energy

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