Circuit Des Yeux (Haley Fohr, Chicago) – Smokey’s Bar, November 4



She sounds like PJ Harvey veers from country Scottish psych to acid blasts very pretty she and her music with a touch of threat lugubrious tremolo in her voice almost Diamanda Galas sits cross legs like a shy girl torso stock still as she windmills the strings with her hand licks of hair in her face now swings to the left once in a while the steady searing guitar tone contrasts with the qualities of her voice

This one like Joan Baez or even Joan Armatrading a cross between the two even Odetta as when she does Guthrie’s Pastures of Plenty in my dreams I want it all for free she sings it makes sense to me and the music has logic to it while staying fluid and spontaneous

Eat the rich her t shirt says yellow with black letters even her tuning sounds good as it segues imperceptibly to song fourth and sixth intervals strummed hard and slow haunting mysterious atmospheric an eerie glow in the hall of an old English house in the winter at night sporadic breathy hoarse love calls she has humor and wild banshee furor the guitar sounds electric at times or like a great grandfather clock chiming oh yeah it’s a twelve string guitar gets mean sometimes she standing up and bending into the microphone swaying like a bitter sweeper woman


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