Fume Hood – Mescalin Dropped in Creme Soda – Video Underground, November 15



The mellow mood pervades my perverse mind Nick the singer with mandolin strumming sweet and standing thin it’s a big band with two singers and a big guitar sound as the exit light shines red behind above the door the swooning harmonies falling in my lap
This next one jangly and jumpy like The Lemonheads chaotic swirl of noise the centerpiece like the tray of ice the shrimp sit in at a banquet yet groove rises thick as tomato paste
Next a drowsy trip of a country song Nick popping up like a mushroom gets intense with searing treble action sharp points of lip sound it’s an airplane on the radar
Now the strange normal echoes of matched plaid starbursts zipping through night skies la la la he trills spilling a beer of fizzy hiss
Slow and low for the slow jam sloe jam queer logic from the autumn beach leaches that teach the song within reach
Waking up at the mall all the pennies gone from pocket spent on trinkets and junkets in a big shopping bag as a pillow the girl’s blond hair lies over like a spreading fan
This one’s a ballad a mallard duck with green neck shining like emerald as the dark strings sweep the light and shadowy air gracefully and slightly sinister there’s a gurgling of keys from Jeff at the board a gaggle of googles the slow green weeds swaying at the bottom of the sea floor big fish sucking plankton looming eyes agog and agape in the strange place very psychedelic like mescaline dropped in a creme soda 

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