Fat Creeps – Popsicle Syrup Sound – Video Underground, November 15


Gracie Ellen

Fat Creeps is sweet girls who knew they’ve got a wild sound as good as Advaeta from the Hudson that was a bizarre thought I thought they ended it was their first song now the bass thumps the guitar clicks like a sixties song it’s my new favorite group so sweet and savage what I like in girls though they’d slap me if I said so

There’s an intelligence stream of light going through their music a little sinister edgy and searing there’s counterpoint between the bass and guitar surreal dialogues

It’s intense they all love the darling women sharp as hatchets in winter wood echoing celestial harmonies so beautiful

The singers twist together like snakes on a tropical tree in the sun of Eden it makes me swoon like a southern wind sultry sexy swinging she has nice hair kind of auburn I think in a braid behind her neck

A Michelangelo statue of David melted to Popsicle syrup sound

The women switch strings now it’s the dark brunette on guitar she’s jumpy and funky with a millstone sound a coquette vocal tinge dirty chipped paint guitar


Mariam Saleh


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