Zebu – Yakety-Yak – JP Drive In, November 23



It’s hard to get pictures of drummers especially when they’re singing you just get a blur as the sticks bounce off the heads in a mess of blitzed out punk arrhythmia madness of a bar band with bassist lost in a liquor cloud on a bar stool it’s kooky almost avant-garde the drummer in the crowds rattling the poles serenading the girls guitar a patchwork of broken glass surreal guitar drum dialogue it stops and starts gets folky and heavy as metal driving and racing down the alleys of the center of town a blur of circling strings and Mack truck bings on the cymbals treat me like a fool he sings crooning and screeching out of sync as the kitchen sink as the faucet drips at odd moments a rockabilly rats nest the raptors rifle through



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