Lair – Baby Rattle Boy Scout Music – Whitehaus, New Years Eve



Bumblebee drums to carnival circus sounds grand shimmering veils of smoke
Gregorian chant guitar voracious vocals screams and whale wails
Building bouncers rubber balls off stone walls rolling barrels down the street you take a thrill in scoping down the vocabulary finding the quaint jewels
Bubblegum baby rattle Boy Scout music tree kind you hear at the Popsicle store when you want more vanilla ice ice baby twitch and twinge of guitar string down out and dirty silent singing whispers of succulent secrets rattle attack drums like a spiderweb of Tums
Now he’s on electronics board and the drums are sloppy and funky rumpa-tumpa that kind of thing simmering singing Alec the sly romantic cupping the mic with his lips tense as an electric fence but then it keeps on going like the Energizer bunny

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