Bong Wish, Prone, TRIM – Wicked Mess – Cambridge, 4/23

Bong Wish

Bong Wish

This music has a strange Euro-country feel, with the twanging bass and the ethereal vocals from Sarah and Mariam. There’s a sinister, syrupy sweet tone to the songs. “So relax, enjoy the ride…” Mariam led Boston group Fat Creeps with Gracie Jackson. Bong Wish still has the classic jangly Boston sound, but the colors are lava lamp colors, glowing around on the walls of the room.



You can see the cat under the Christmas tree when you see this guy’s lights on his knobs and gear. The music is washes of waves, many colored, disturbing, turbulent, turning the life of another world.



This drum/synth duo uses a whole new language. It is always rhythmic and percussive. It often has the synthetic feel of another, similar duo, Lightning Bolt. The sounds start out cold and alienating, like you’re in some unfamiliar land, but they become warm with the repetitions. Victoria, on synth, comes out in the audience to operate the beats with a round metal disc handheld device. All very mysterious, this music takes you in different directions.


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