TriCRHO – Lilypad – Cambridge, 4/24


TriCHRO is a trio of piano, drums, and electric bass. Pianist, Eriko Yamaki Mercure, has a broad palette, touching on blues, Latin, classical, with subtle buildups and surprise stops.

Bassist Dave Mercure announces the songs, the second for the Red Sox, the third for the late Prince, “Lullaby”. The music has a way of staying in the tradition, while still getting connected with the present world. Yamaki Mercure takes you through the streets of a city, some shadowy and out of the way, some with bright lights.

“Nine 0’Clock Hit” is the next song. Mark Fairweather starts with some funky snare banging, then switches back and forth into swing mode. The use of electric bass is nice. Mercure’s note bending and flash stops give the flow an elastic quality, so the many elements of the music coalesce and come apart again.

“Augmented Third” is presented as the adult version of a Japanese children’s song. It has the feel of a Broadway tune as Yamaki Mercure begins, then darkens to an almost modal blues. Bass and piano dialogue in relaxed tones. Yamaki Mercure reaches up the keyboard for some flourishes suggesting stride.

The great thing about this band is the solid structures, the patterns that evolve and develop into complementing solos, always relating to each other but always differing.


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